BCPS LLB Programme Application

Your LLB Admission process with BCPS is fully online and self controlled by yourself. You will get Instant decision, therefore, we advise you should have with you ; copy of your minimum qualifications. Before starting the LLB Admission Application you need the following ; 


(Once you sucessfully enrolled, you will be provided your Student Account containing Notes and Practices, Library, Lectures Schedule, Exam dates and Results, see below Sample Student Account) ;


1. Copy of your Minimum Qualification Certificate (GCSE etc.).

2. Plan When You want to start the Study.

3. Enrollment Fee 450 GBP (If your Application is accepted You will be required to pay the Enrollment Fee).


Imprtant Things You Know Before Starting the Application ;


1. LLB Per Year Course Fee ; 4900 GBP (Full Course Time 2 Years)

2. Minimum Qualification to Enroll ; GCSE or HND or 15 years of Education. If you dont have any of it you can enroll for HNC first click here to see HNC/HND.

3. Term Times ; January - May - September.

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